• The NAAC peer team visit for onsite assessment for IV cycle of Accreditation was held on 11 th & 12 th February 2020. Holy Cross College received A++ Grade with 3.75/4.

The Student Council

  The Student Council is a body of student leaders of Holy Cross College which includes the Student Council Members, Fine Arts Secretaries, Sport Secretaries and Part VI leaders. They are coordinated by the Vice-Principals and Dean of Students under the purview of the Principal. The Student Council Members initiate and lead the activities of the Student Forum.

  The Student Council is a fine and an active bridge between the management and students. They meet and interact periodically to represent suggestions and grievances to enhance the campus environment. They actively organize periodical campaigns and celebrations and communicate necessary information to the student community. They dynamically help in enabling a student friendly campus and work hand in hand with the management to develop and build Holy Crossians of Excellence.

Pledge of a Holy Crossian

Every Holy Crossian undertakes a pledge to evolve into a Holy Crossian of Excellence and to realize the purpose of their education and vision of the college. The pledge is administered by the Principal on the first day of their college life.

The Pledge

I as a student of Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappali, promise to grow as a person of integrity and discipline, be focused in my studies and participate in extra- curricular activities and I will abide by the rules of the college and evolve into a servant leader modeled on Christ-like values. I also pledge to use my education for the growth of my society and I will transfer my knowledge and skills to at least 100 girls in my lifetime.


1. I will reflect, pray, develop a Christ-like attitude and act on the will of God and not on my own desires and ways.

2. I will obey my parents, respect my institution and have reverence for my respectable Sisters and teachers of this institution.

3. I will honour and be kind to every person I meet in my daily life.

4. I shall speak the truth at all times and will not tell lies or manipulate the truth which will put down my integrity.

5. I shall use God given resource of time for my every day learning, intellectual and skill development, follow PBBT (Please Be Before Time) and not waste time in unproductive activities.

6. I shall initiate and volunteer to be of service and contribute my talents for all the college activities and guided social out-reach programmes.

7. I will make myself presentable, take care of my personal hygiene, dress modestly and neatly and have a smile in my eyes and on my lips.

8. I will not use offensive or derogatory language either for friendly conversation or to speak ill of others in my everyday use of language.

9. I shall promise not to use restricted things such as mobile phones in the campus and plastic bags and be an eco-friendly and rule-abiding student for my own interest and good of others.

10. I pledge to focus on my purpose of study in this institution and choose actions and words that will lead me towards my goal, to become a Holy - Crossian of Excellence.


   The activities for the Student Forum for every academic year are based on the yearly theme of the college. In order to bring excellence in students the focus of the Student Council Activities is to develop disciplined Holy Crossians with integrity, social conscience and Christ-like attitude.

2019-2020- Building Bridges
2018-2019 - Whole Person Education
2017-2018 - Networking and Innovation
2016-2017 - To Enlighten
2015-2016 - To Excel
2014-2015- To Empower

Student Council Members (2019-2020)


On Campus Student Initiatives

Anti-Ragging Campaign :

An Anti-Ragging Campaign to create awareness on Zero-Tolerance to ragging in the campus is held in the college campus. The students were also asked to register in the amanmovement.org on anti-ragging. No ragging incidents have been reported. A healthy and friendly relationship is maintained between the freshers and seniors.

The PBBT Campaign :

The PBBT (Please Be Before Time) award is given to the departments who have the maximum percentage of students being punctual. This award was initiated to encourage the student to be on time to the college. Video campaign and Placards on punctuality and honoring the resource of time are displayed. In order to control the number of late comers a Department-wise monthly graph of late-comers is recorded and maintained every month by the Student Council President.

Dim and Dip Day :

This Eco-friendly student-initiated practice is conducted once a month to conserve electricity. On an announced date the campus opts for a one-hour of NO POWER SUPPLY to create awareness on the need to conserve energy. A Signing campaign was conducted to flag off this initiative in 2017.

No Vehicle Day :

It is a students’ initiative conducted twice in a semester to encourage the use of Public Transport and Cycling to conserve energy. A cycle rally was conducted to flag off the programme in 2018.

Youth Awareness Day :

The “I LOVE HOLY CROSS” campaign was conducted on Youth Awareness Day with the motto to incorporate the values of the Institution was conducted on 15th October 2016 to commemorate the birthday of the “Missile Man” Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

In commemoration of the 86th Birthday of our former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Students’ Day) competitions were conducted on 15th October 2018, by the Student Council Members on the topic “KALAM - THE VISIONARY”.

BIN IT Campaign :

The Bin-It Campaign was conducted by the Go Clean team an Ad-Hoc wing of the Student Forum campaign to create a hygienic and litter-free zone. The motto of the campaign was “Cleaner Campus… Cleaner Society”. Volunteers from each department participated in a competition where they were asked to design bins with utility and tag lines. The objective of the competition was to create awareness on the right usage of dustbins.

Mobile Campaign :

A Mobile Control Video Campaign to create awareness on avoiding obsessive usage of cell phone was conducted in 2015.

Pollution Free Diwali Celebration :

As per the letter received from the Directorate of Collegiate Education with reference to the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board Circular, the Students’ Forum organized a digitalized Campaign for smoke-less and noise free Diwali. PPT presentations and videos on creating awareness for a Pollution Free Diwali were displayed.

Beyond Campus Student Initiatives :

The Student Council with the rest of the forum members readily reached out to relief activities at the face of National Disaster.

Kerela Flood Relief :

Twenty students volunteered to provide relief material to the victims in 2018. With the support of the institution students visited the spot and met the basic needs of the victims.

Gaja Cyclone Relief :

The Council Members along with 120 student volunteers reached out to the affected people of the Gaja Cyclone in 2018. They did a damage assessment survey of the disaster and volunteered in the Rehabilitation process in the villages of Naduvasal and Thirumanangudi.

Ockhi Cyclone Relief :

Six MSW students along with the Sisters of the Cross visited the Ockhi affected area in Nagerkoil and gave the relief material

Cuddalore Flood Relief :

On 17th December 2015 volunteers among students and the student council members along with the faculty of Social Work department visited the flood affected areas in Cuddalore. They took a survey of places that needed rehabilitation work. Many areas were covered and required household things were distributed to the people.


The Student Forum Meet

The College aims to address the grievances of students through Student Forum Meeting. Regular meeting of the Students’ Forum to discuss the improvement of the various extension activities and facilities offered by the college was conducted. Students are encouraged to present their suggestions and grievances. The student council members are allotted different portfolios for the welfare of the college which included Finance Minister, Information and Networking Minister, Discipline Minister, Women Empowerment Minister, Welfare Minister, Health Minister, HRD Minister and Go Clean Minister in order to conduct the various activities in and off campus.

Workshops and Trainings :

- To effectively and productively bring in change and development campaigns and trainings are organized and conducted.

- A Two-Day Intensive Workshop on Being a Holy-Crossian Leader of Excellence is conducted annually for the Student Council Members, Fine Arts Secretaries and Sports Secretaries. The sessions focus on Leadership Skills, Discipline and Integrity of Leaders, Conflict and Time Management, Emotional Intelligence and an Interactive session with the Alumni Leaders.

      The Workshops and Trainings, interactive sessions on various topics like ‘Know your College’ ‘My Voice’ ‘Find happiness within ourselves’ were also conducted on regular basis to help students develop themselves.

      A one-hour orientation for the first year UG students on "Self discipline and Goal setting" was conducted by the Dean of students in July 2015 and 2016. Around 900 students benefitted from it each year. The session was to aid Holy Crossians actualize the pledge taken on their first day in college and work towards their goal, internalizing the desired change and positive character formation during their stay in College. It was also to help them realize their purpose of education, plan, focus and work towards becoming a Holy Crossian of Excellence.

Leadership Training titled ‘Leaders for Tomorrow – As Teachers’ at Poondi from 21st to 23rd August, 2017 by the All India Institute for Human Value and Resource Development, a unit of AIACHE

National Level Training- Leaders for Tomorrow as Civil Servants- Chennai from 19th – 21st October, 2017 in Chennai

A three day leadership training program titled ‘Leaders for Tomorrow¬-As Teachers’ was attended by HCC Student Leaders from 21st to 23rd August,2017 by All India Institute for Human Value and Resource Development, a unit of AIACHE .

A two day workshop was organized by the college management on 11th and 12th of June 2018 for the student council members, Fine arts and sports secretaries in Rehabilitation Science Auditorium.

A Two days intensive leadership workshop was conducted on 06.06.2019 and 07.06.2019 for all the Student Council Members, Fine arts secretaries and Sports secretaries on the theme “Being a HC Leader of Excellence”.

Student Council Report (2020-2021)