To be fully alive is to be a fully functioning person

          Holy cross College, Counseling Centre started in the academic year 2000-2001.. It functions from 9am to 4pm on working days. Two Counselors, the counseling psychologist and psychotherapist were appointed for the welfare of the students. Students of SHIFT I&II, come for counseling outside their class hours.

     Every year Counselors give orientation on psychological issues to the students especially to the 1 year students in their own class rooms, department wise. The counselors demonstrate the utility of the counseling services to the students and emphasis its need and the importance.

     The Role of the Counselor that of an expert of specialist who deals with the client exclusively on a one to one basis.

Objectives of counseling

  To provide services to the students with academic issues and behavioral problems and vocational choices

  To help the students work out a plan for a solving her/ his difficulties

  To enable the students to know one’s interest, capabilities, aptitudes and opportunities in order to have healthy personal growth

Types of Counseling

  Individual Counseling

  Group Counseling

Types of problem

Students with Educational problems

      Students come for career counseling which helps them to choose a suitable vocation. Most of them come for personal counseling such as -Poor academic performance, lack of concentration, poor memory, not a able to study, friendship problem, negative influences of the peer group, unhealthy relationship, lack of decision making ability, suicidal tendency, mal-adjustment behavior and some personality problems.

       Students were helped to solve their problems or to face their problems and difficulties squarely.

Students with Behavioral problems

      Some students come with mild behavioral problem such as mood behavior, Paranoid, depression, bipolar disorder, OCB (Obsessive Compulsive Behavior), panic attack, phobic neurosis, anxiety neurosis and trauma.

       Certain need based cases are referred to Psychiatrist.

Services by Counseling Centre

  Giving orientation to our students

  Professional Counseling

  Counselors as Resource persons for On campus and Off campus counseling related programme.

  Frequent meeting with Peer group Counseling members

  Organizing programme “know yourself’ awareness for students

Valued Outcome

  Nurturing psychological healing and Emotional wellness

  • Health and development in personal/ professional/ social life.