• The NAAC peer team visit for onsite assessment for IV cycle of Accreditation was held on 11 th & 12 th February 2020. Holy Cross College received A++ Grade with 3.75/4.


To sow the seeds of entrepreneurship and innovation among faculties, students and the local community; facilitate the transition of entrepreneurs from just ideas to building the commercially viable products/services/technologies; and building a vibrant startup and innovation ecosystem, together with a network of partners.

To: emerge as a gold standard for innovation and incubation in academic institutions; quash stereotypes and prove that women, especially those from outside metropolitan cities, can be wealth creators and leaders; and make innovation an integral part of Tiruchirappalli’s identity.

To: inculcate and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving spirit, and out-of-box thinking, within the HCC community; push and challenge entrepreneurs to go beyond and above the realms of ordinary thinking; promote and support grassroots innovation and innovation in the core sciences; lay the stepping stones for a sustainable HCC community, where problems of the community are solved from within; and pioneer the development of Tiruchirappalli, as a world-class innovation hub.