Milestone  Year
M.A. TAMIL 2004
M.Phil 2006
Ph.d 2007


  1. Sr. John Mary ( 1979 1999) john_mary1
2. Dr.Ms.Nagapusanam  (1999 – 2004) nagapusanam
3. Dr.Ms.Bhavani Shankari  (2004 – 2007) bhavani
4 Dr.Sr.Jeusin Francis ( 2007 – Till Date) jesuin
5. Dr.Meena Jayakumari (2010 – 2012) ( H.O.D) Incharge meena
6. Dr. Thanapackiam (2012 -2016)  ( H.O.D)  Incharge




1. Dr. Sr.Jeusin Francis M.A, With SLET, Ph.D Christian Literature,Modern Liturature 16 Years
4. Dr.Jasintha Rani .A M.A., M. Phil.,With SLET,  Ph. D Sanga Illakkiyam, Christian Literature,Leadership Drainer. 18 Years
5. Dr.Prema.M M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed.,NET.Ph. D Poetry,Tholkappiyam, Leadership Drainer. 11 Years
6. Dr.Thevatha.A M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 7 Years
7. Dr.Latha.D M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 10 Years
8. Dr.Sharmi.A M.A., M. Phil., B.Lit.,Ph.D Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 15 Years
9. Ms.Dali ArockiaMary.K M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed., Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 10 Years
10. Ms.Elizabeth Rani.G M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed.,NET., Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 3 Years
11. Ms.Arul SagayaAnitta.A M.A., M.Phil.,M.Ed.,NET., Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 3 Years
12. Dr.Arumbu M.A., M.Phil.,DPT.,NET., Ph.D Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 2 Years
13. Ms.Anitha Mary.D M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed., Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 2 Years
14. Dr. Anu Dayana M.A., NET, TPT,Ph. D
15. Dr. Imaculate M.A., M. Phil, Ph. D, TPT
16. Dr. Kowsalya Sadhasivam M.A., M. Phil, NET, Ph.D
17. Dr. Punitha.S M.A., M. Phil, Ph. D
18. Ms. Nancy.S M.A., M. Phil, NET





Holy Cross College (Autonomous) Tiruchirapalli – 2

Department of Tamil  2013 – 2014

Milestone Milestone Milestone Milestone  Year
July – 7 Veeramamunivar Tamil Illakiya Peravai Inagural “Puthiyathor ulagam seivom” Fr.Victor Director,Thaninayagam Adigalar Ithazhaiyil College, Tamil illakiya kazham,trichy, I UG ,II UG students
Spet – 3 Seminar “Aetil ezhatha kavithaigal“ Dr.Kennedy, Asst Prof in tamil. Dept of tamil, St.Joseph’s college, Trichy. I UG students
Oct – 28 Essay Writing Competition “Vidiyalai Nokki Dr.Meena Jayakumari Dr.Jesintha Rani I UG students
January – 7 One day Seminar “Vaanam Vasapadum” Dr.Gopinath Asst Prof, Dept of tamil in tamil Bishop Heber College, Trichy. I UG students & II UG Students
January – 7 One day Seminar “Innikkum Illakiyam” Dr.Manikandan Speaker, Chennai. I UG students
January – 8 Poem Writing Competition “Sirikkum Kuthirail sinthanai Payanam” Dr.Thanapakkiyam Associate Professor Holy Cross College, Trichy I UG students
January – 8 Singing competition “Vazhai Oru varam” “Manitham Marantha Manithaneyam” Prof.Sharmi Asst. Prof in tamil, Holy Cross College, Trichy Dr.Kennedy,Asst prof in tamil. Dept of tamil, St.Joseph’s college, Trichy. I UG students
Feb – 13 Muthamizh Vizha “Bharathi, Bharthidasan,and pattukottai paadalgal” Mr.K.Syed Ahamed kabir,Asst prof in tamil. Dept of tamil, Kathar Motheenj College, Athirampattinam. I ,II UG students
Feb – 17 Valedictory “Inter College Competitions” All Competitions and Prize Distributions” Dr.F.Selvakumaran Associate Professor, Dean of Arts, Dept of tamil, St.Joseph’s college, Trichy. I ,II UG students
On 16-07-2014 the inauguration of ‘the veermamunivar tamil  Ilakkiya Pearavai’ took place at Mother Sophy’s Hall.The Principal of St.Paul’s Seminory college,Trichy.Rev.Father.johnson spoke on the topic “ulaga Illakkiyam Tamilum” The I year UG students Participated and were benifitied.
On 05-08-2014 the Tamil Ilakkiya Pearavai’s Ilakkiya Mandra Function took place at Mother Sophy’s Hall.Respected Asst.Pro.KARUTHAAN  of National college spoke on the topic “Tamil Kaapiyangalin Manithanayam”.The II U.G students were benifitted by this.
  Poetry writing competition on the topic “ ILATCHIYANGALAI KOKKI” was held on 17-09-2014
Singing competition on the topic “BHARATHIYAR , BHARATHIDASAN SONGS” was held on 19-09-2014
Eassay competition on the topic “ SUTRUCH CHUZHAL PATHUKAPPU” 18-09-2014.
Speech competition on the topic “kudumba porulatharathai Nirvagippathil Siranthavargal Angala?  Pengala? Was held on 16-09-2014.




On 19.08.2014 an International seminar on the topic “The contribution of Christians to Tamil grammar in 17th & 18th centuries” was conducted by the department of Tamil, Holy Cross College. The welcome address was given by Dr.P.Thanapackiam, Associate professor, department of Tamil. The secretary of the college Rev.Dr.Sr.Lilly Vargeese proceeded over the meeting. The presidential address was given by Rev.Dr.Sr.Jeusin Francis, Principal Holy Cross College. Dr.Daniel Jayaraj, Prof in Liverpool University, England and director ‘Andrew wells’ institute, was the chief guest and delivered the key note address.

Students and teachers from colleges’ all-around Trichy participated in the seminar.

The contribution of Christians especially the foreigners were deeply discussed. We were taught Tamil by the foreigners and they changed the Christian grammar from poetical to prose type which was a biggest contribution to the world of Tamil literature. The contribution of Roman catholic and Lutherans were widely discussed.

Five persons from the catholics and three persons from the Lutheran church were mentioned and their contribution was widely explained. The students participated in the conference were given a choice to clear their doubts. They were all given participation certificates by the chief guest. Vote of Thanks was given by Dr.M.Prema Assistant Professor of Tamil. The Seminar came to an end with the national Anthem.

Major Projects

S.NO Name of  the investigation Title of the major project and duration Funding Agency Year
1. Dr.Mrs.Thanapackiam Associate Professor Of Tamil A Comparative study of problems and Empowerment skills of rural women depicted experienced by women in rural areas in trichy. UGC 2012-2015
2. Dr.Mrs.Jasintha Rani Assistant Professor Of Tamil Sanga Illakkiyathil Malargalum athan Maruthuva Payanpadugalum. UGC 2013-2015


Name Department Area of Specialization M.Phil. Ph.D.
Dr.Sr.Jeusin Francis Tamil Christian Literature,Modern Liturature 7&3
Dr.S.Meena Jayakumari Tamil Modern Literature,Sanga illakkiyam.  10&4
Dr.P.Thanapackiam Tamil Modern Liturature,Sanga Illakkiyam, 10&3
Dr.A.Jasintha Rani Tamil Sanga Illakkiyam, Christian Literature,Leadership Drainer. 6&6