Rural Enrichment through students and Community Action and Participation for Environmental sustainability (RESCAPES) is an extension programme of Holy Cross College, launched in 2004, with the vision of environmental sustainability in the adopted villages of Manachanallur Block. It is a structured programme built into the U.G. curriculum, to provide skills and opportunities for students benefit and for the welfare of the rural community especially women and children.

It has initiated various projects such as water shed management, kitchen gardening, solid waste management, tree plantation, health and hygiene, organic manure such as vermin-compost, panchakaviya and mushroom cultivation.

This project has multiple objectives. In addition to contributing to the environmental sustenance of the region, it aims to develop committed leaders for the cause of societal and environmental causes. The project impact study shows that the water table has improved in the area, as a result of water harvesting projects, desilting of ponds and greening.

The department RESCAPES was started in the year March 2003


  • To awaken social consciousness and prepare socially responsible citizens
  • To impart skills and knowledge
  • To encourage creativity in students bringing out their latent talents
  • To build genuine human relationships.
  • To enable the students to get exposed to rural community.
  • To be a link between the government authority and village community
  • To enable the village community to become self reliant
  • To enable the village community to sustain their eco system



P.KARTHIK, M.S.W, Acquired the Best SOCIAL WORKER Award at HOLY CROSS COLLEGE in the year 2009-2010.