Recognised Guides

Name and Designation of Faculty Major Areas of Research
Department of Botany
Dr.P.Shanthi Plant tissue culture, Phytochemistry
Dr.S.Catharin Sara
(Botany & Biotechnology)
Fern tissue culture, phytochemistry and Molecular biology
Transformation studies and Nanoscience
Dr.H.D.Subhashini Fungal Biochemistry

Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics

Dr.M.Rajalakshmi Phytotherapy, Cancer biology, Stem cell biology, translational
research and CADD
Dr. (Sr). V. Lilly Phytotherapy & Diabetology

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Noreen Antony Corrosion
Dr. S. Amala Fatima Rani Adsorption
Dr. A. Leema Rose Corrosion
Dr. L. Cathrine Phytochemistry
Dr.Rosaline Vimala Phytochemistry

Department of Commerce

Dr.(Sr).Christina Bridget HRM
Dr.Vasanthi.S HRM
Dr.Mathuravalli.V Marketing
Dr. Josephine Lourdes De Rose Marketing

Department of English

Dr.Quental Cheryl Mary Canadian literature

Department of Economics

Dr.Maria Sophia

Department of History

Dr.Viji.M Historical perspectives

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Ritha,W. Operation research modeling, Fuzzy Mathematics and its applications
Dr.Merline Vinotha,J. Multi objective Transportation Problem

Department of Physics

Dr.K.Raji Ultrasonics, Crystallography, Non-destructive technique (NDT).
Dr. Maria Eugenie Pia, K. Liquid state Physics,
Dr. Philominal, A. Thin film, and crystallograpy

Department of Rehabilitation Science

Dr.Sheila Christopher Rehabilitation & Special education
Dr.Kanagala Uma Rehabilitation & Special education
Dr.Nagalakshmi Rehabilitation & Special education
Dr.Swarnakumari.P Rehabilitation & Special education
Dr.Turin Martina.A Rehabilitation & Special education

Department of Tamil

Dr.(Sr.). Jeusin Francis Elakanam, Sanga elakkiyam,
Dr.Jasintha Rani .A Sanga elakkiyam, sirukathaigal
Dr.Thevatha. A Sanga elakkiyam
Dr.Latha. D Sanga elakkiyam

Department of Visual Communication

Dr.(Fr). Victor Sunderraj Visual Communication
Dr.Margret Suganthi Media and communication

Department of Zoology

Dr. Horne Iona Averal Phytotherapy and Reproductive
Dr. Cecily Rosemary Latha Phytotherapy