Multi Disciplinary Approach

Question Banks: Holy Cross College is the only Autonomous College in the country to develop a question bank that is integrated to a software utilizing the question banks generated in the UGC question bank. This major innovation with respect to evaluation is the setting up of Question Banks for major core courses of all (check) departments in the College. At present about 80% of the major core courses in different disciplines have been covered under this project. The questions generated by course teachers and adopted from UGC question bank are computerized using software VISUAL BASIC 6.0/ ORACLE 8.0.
Knowledge depository on D Space: In order to retain the knowledge of the faculty, the College has a system to post selected lessons on the D-Space. The College intranet has a provision for D-Space, where the faculty members post ICT-based lessons for the reference of students and staff. Weightage is given for these lessons in the staff appraisal, which is one of the components in the calculation of the Faculty Performance Index. This system helps in sharing of knowledge.
Online registration for interdisciplinary and allied courses:
In the CBCS System, the students register online for interdisciplinary and allied courses.
Online Quiz: Holy Cross College is the only College in Tiruchirappalli to introduce online quiz using a well-developed software.The objective type questions (multiple choice, matching and choosing and assertion and reason) generated by the teachers are computerized using a software developed by Sedna Space Group, Chennai. The objectivity of the Quiz is maintained and online Quiz marks are transferred to MIS. Online examinations are conducted for PG students in SPSS.