Tests and examinations are conducted regularly. Examination system includes CONTINUOUS INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (CIA) and EXTERNAL SEMESTER EXAMINATION. CIA components are Tests, Quizzes, Seminar and Assignments which are conducted as scheduled with attendance. Tests, Quizzes, Seminar and Assignments and Attendance which are conducted as schedule.

Internal Semester Examination:

1. Internal Tests Average of the two tests will be considered for CIA. No retest will be conducted. If a candidate is absent for both the tests she is not eligible to appear for external examination even though she has secured internal marks through the other components of CIA.
2. Quiz Average of two Quizzes will be considered.
3. Seminar The candidate has to present the seminar using Innovative methods. Average of two Quizzes will be considered.
4. Assignment Field oriented assignment will be given

External Semester Examination:

To get a pass , a postgraduate student must secure 45% in the External Semester Examination and 50% in the aggregate of CIA and External Semester Examination.