Management Scholarships

SCHOLARSHIPS – Categories of Scholarships available and sanctioned on proper application

Name of Scholarship

Sanctioning Authority

Eligibility Particulars, etc.

Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship

Sitaram Jindal Foundation

The students who do not avail any other scholarship can apply for this scholarship offered by this trust.

Tamil Nadu Educational Trust Scholarship

Tamil Nadu Educational Trust

Students are selected by this Trust for scholarships on Merit basis.

Indra Gandhi Post Graduate Scholarship For Single Girl Child

UGC, New Delhi.

Application to be submitted online to UGC, New Delhi by the PG students who are the Single Girl Child in their family.

Scholarship for Rank Holders

UGC, New Delhi.

Application to be submitted online to UGC, New Delhi.

Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship

UGC, New Delhi.

For SC/ST students doing M.Phil., Ph.D. – online application submission to UGC, New Delhi.

Ph.D. Scholarship

UGC, New Delhi.

  • The Students must be full time Ph.D. research scholar either First year, Second year or Third year in anyone of the Government or Govt. Aided Arts & Science Colleges. (The scholar with M.Phil. qualification must be a student of 1st or 2nd year of Ph. D. Course)

  • They must have secured 60% marks in P.G. Degree.

  • They should not be in receipt of any other Scholarship

  • Part time Ph.D. Research Scholars are not eligible.

  • An amount of RS.3000/- per month will be given to 60 research scholars who are selected under this scheme. Selection is made on merit basis.


* Application for the following scholarship to be processed online by the student through the College.

* Selection is made by the concerned organization/Foundation / Trust

* Approximate Amount of the scholarship for the year sanctioned by the concerned organization /Foundation / Trust, vary as per the rules.