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The Language Laboratory was inaugurated on the 25th of July 2001 by Dr. Noel Irudhayaraj, Head of the Department of English, Bharathidasan University. This was initiated by the former Principal and Head of the Department of English Rev. Sr. Dr. Rosy. The Language Laboratory was efficiently coordinated by the ELT expert, former Reader in English, Dr. Flora Shanti Baliah. With fifteen systems the newly installed Language Lab started functioning. A UGC Major Research project Need based Methods and Materials for imparting Effective Communication skills in English for Rural and Semi-urban Women Students through a Language Laboratory by Dr. Flora Shanti Baliah was a timely boost to make Language Lab reach out to the needy rural, semi-urban students. The students worked on their speaking English, reading habits and interactive communication. The Language Lab provided opportunities for English Literature students and highly motivated students to improve their pronunciation and intonation. Besides it helped the linguistically disadvantaged but motivated students to articulate the sounds of English and reduce the interference of mother tongue. Till 2016, the Language Lab functioned based on the need based materials, methods and human resources. In the year 2017, the Language Lab was given a techno- lift with the installation of itell software to aid self- learning.


In accordance with the Vision and Mission of the College, the following are the objectives of the Language Lab:

  • To create a non-threatening atmosphere for the learners and promote autonomy in thinking and expression.

  • To help students acquire proficiency in LSRW skills.

  • To develop confidence to express oneself spontaneously.

  • To develop confidence to interact with the teacher and peer.

  • To correct grammatical errors incidentally and specifically

  • To help learners speak with accuracy.

  • To train in soft skills.

  • To introduce students to Certification courses in English. Eg. IELTS, TOFEL.

  • To sign MOU with schools and colleges for training students to acquire language proficiency.

  • To upgrade the teachers of English in Schools and Colleges with creative teaching methodologies.

Activities of the Language Lab:

  1. Integrated Sessions are conducted in functional spoken English for all I year general English students from regional medium school background (2003 July – 2006 as part of UGC Project) and is continuing.
  2. Need based spoken English classes are facilitated for homogenous groups of Holy Cross College and for outsiders from other institutions.
  3. Consultants for Faculty Development Programme within and outside Holy Cross College.
  4. Regular workshops for teachers, religious aspirants, and corporates are organised on demand.



  1. Language Lab is upgraded with the latest technology software itell with 15 systems in the lab and an additional 25 systems in the browsing room.
  2. Books- graded at three levels.
  • Primary- Fables
  • Secondary- collection of Short Stories
  • Advanced- Novels
  1. DVDs of classic and feel good movies available.


Courses offered:

  1. Functional English for Holy Cross College I year general English students
  2. Communicative English training for motivated first generation learners, linguistically disadvantaged students, and advanced trainers
  3. Interview facing skills and group dynamics
  4. Language learning training through soft skills programme
  5. English for the business world
  6. Preparatory modules for Cambridge English Exams
  7. Train the trainers for staff


Workshops on Functional English and Communicative English Skills

  1. Listening skills
  2. Reading and Comprehension Skills
  3. Speaking and Articulation
  4. Writing
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Sub skills- Vocabulary, Remedial Grammar
  7. Interacting Skills
  8. Public Speaking and Effective Presentation
  9. Phonetic Sounds and Pronunciation
  10. Stress , Pause and Intonation
  11. Stage Management Skills- Compering, Writing Welcome Address and Vote of Thanks, and Felicitation
  12. To teach communication skills through activities like Self Introduction, Bio Sketch, Role Play, Just a Minute, Ad-Zap, Building a Sentence, Telephone Conversation, Reading aloud, etc for first year undergraduate students


Interview Facing Skills and Group Dynamics

  1. Mock Interviews

  2. Group Discussion

  3. Resume Writing

  4. CV Writing

  5. Key skills(how to appear for an interview)


Language Learning Training Through Soft Skills Programme

  1. Discover the I
  2. Body language- verbal and non- verbal
  3. Responding to conflict
  4. Assertiveness skills
  5. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communication


English for the business world

  1. Letter/E-mail Writing
  2. Presentations

  3. Telephoning

  4. Business Writing

  5. Organising Meetings

  6. Negotiation Skills

  7. Socializing Skills

  8. Teleconferencing

  9. Extensive Reading Techniques


Cambridge English Exams

Cambridge English Exams are internationally recognized exams that are accepted as trademarks by various organisations and academic institutions across the globe. These exams are gateway for higher education which paves way for better employment opportunities. Cambridge English Exams is a must for students across disciplines to get a seat at an internationally acclaimed university/college. These exams are also required for visa and study purposes in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada. The Language of Holy Cross College Lab aims in preparing the students of both schools and colleges for the following certified exams.

  1. IELTS – International English Language Testing System
  2. First (FCE) – First Certificate in English (B2)
  3. Advanced (CAE) – Certificate of Advanced English (C1)
  4. Proficiency (CPE) – Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2)
  5. Preliminary (PET), PET for Schools – Preliminary English Test (B1)
  6. Key (KET) – Key English Test (A2)
  7. BEC – Business English Certificates (B1, B2, C1)
  8. BULATS – Business Language Testing Service


Each exam focuses on a level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), helping learners to improve their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills step by step.

The Language Lab will serve as a platform to work towards cracking these international exams. Effective methodologies and practice tests to achieve the intended score will be given priority. Teachers/professors with a passion to work on their existing language skills will also be given the required hands on training. 


Train the trainer (For Staff)

  1. Training the Trainer in Creative methodologies for English Language Learning.
  2. Training the Trainer in Classroom Management.
  3. Training the Trainer in team building and presentation skills.

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