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Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The IQAC plays a vital role for quality sustenance and enhancement in the College.

Origin of IQAC
Quality Assurance Cell formulated in 2000 IQAC initiated in 2003 IQAC formalized in 2004


Quality Policy
Our quality policy, in keeping with our vision and aim is to develop morally upright, intellectually alert, ethically strong, socially conscious, scientifically oriented and nationally participative and contributive young women with the ability to adapt to the technologically changing environment supported by the collaborative effort of the management, staff and parents in the relentless pursuit of excellence.


To identify the potential students endowed with talents
To encourage students to participate in intra-college and inter-collegiate competitions
To arrange for the training and development of the students in fine arts, through experts


Functions of IQAC
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1 Setting norms / Standards / good practices in areas of curriculum designing, teaching-learning process,evaluationprocess,research, extension activities, consultancy and student support services.
2 Setting performance indicators wherever necessary
3 Taking steps to continuously improve standards and experiment innovations considering
4 Feedback from stakeholders
5 Emerging global needs and trends
6 Conducting quality audit
7 Preparing NAAC reports


Composition of IQAC Restructured in 2018 – 2019
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1. Dr.Sr. Christina Bridget. A Principal
2. Dr. Turin Martina. A IQAC Co-Ordinator
3. Dr. Mary Sandra Quintal Dean Of Arts
4. Dr. Horne Iona Averal Dean Of Science
5. Dr. Pauline Edwidge Mary A V Dean Of Students
6. Dr. Sujatha Ilangovan Dean Of Extension
7. Dr. Sheila Christopher Dean Of Research
8. Dr. Sr. Judy Gomez Vice Principal
9. Dr. P. Revathi Staff
10. Student Representative President
11. Dr. Noronha Inez External Expert


IQAC Mode of operation
Cell meets periodically with specific agenda
Coordinator places the recommendations/ reports/reviews for discussion
Recommendations/ reports passed and forwarded to respective bodies/personnel(Staff Council, General Body, Deans)
A Sub-committee of the IQAC collects feedback from stakeholders, consolidates and presents them to IQAC for analysis
The consolidated feedback’s are communicated to respective units for action
If necessary, Coordinator reviews matters(question papers) and makes recommendations
Coordinator is a member of Staff Council and Academic Council
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Minutes of meeting Action Taken Report


Certification by Head of Institution for Rules and Regulations