• The motivation of having General Grammar and Applied Grammar together in Semesters I and II is to strengthen the Knowledge of the Students in Language. Short Stories, Novel, Prose and Drama will help the students to get awareness in different Social and Family Problems.
  • The main aim of having Poetry, Poetics and History of Hindi Literature in Semester III is to improve the Potentiality and awareness in Indian Culture and Hindi Literature.
  • The objective of having Official Hindi, Translation, and General Essays in Semester IV is to mentally prepare the Students For competitive examinations by which the students will be able to become well Equipped in IQ and Official Hindi.



  • Department of Hindi in Holy Cross College was started in the Year 1942.


Department Activities

  • The Department in the past five years has progressed considerably regarding the academic progress of the students. The department extended its service and offered inter – disciplinary Paper ‘BASIC HINDI‘ on 2002 for those students who are Interested in learning HINDI.
  • In addition, the Department started the Hindi Literary Association “GEETHANJAI SAMITHI” on 2003. The main aim of the Association is to bring out the Hidden talents of the students. On account of this, every year the department conducts essay writing competitions and Elocution Competitions.
  • The Department offers prizes and certificates for Winners.
  • Besides these Association meetings and competitions the Department organizes one day seminars also, which included with Literary, craft, and cultural sessions.
  • The First one day Seminar “GEETH FEST 2004” was conducted on 14.12.2004. It was presided by Dr.Shaik Kareemullah, Head of the Department of Hindi, Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli. In his presidential speech he spoke on “Upanyas Samrat Premchand”.
  • The second one day seminar “GEETH FEST 2006“was organized by the department on 21.02.2006 .This seminar was presided under the presences of Dr. P .Rajarethnam, Head of the Department of Hindi, H.H.The Rajahs College, Pudukkottai. He gave an inspiring speech on ‘Positive Approach ‘.
  • During these Seminars varied competitions like singing competition, dance competition and Quiz competitions were conducted. By this all students get knowledge about Hindi literature, and our Indian culture. In addition they achieve Organizational experience also.
Names Qualification Designation
Ms. Maheswari M.A with SET Assistant Professor


List of the Faculty (since 1942-till date)

S. No Names
1 Sri.Veezinathan
2 K.R.Nanjundan
3 M.Subramaniam
4 S.R.N.Sundaresan
5 Mrs. Seetha Lakshmi
6 Sr. Marie Grace
7 Miss. Ammani Ammal
8 Sr. Zita
9 Miss. N.Parvathi
10 Mrs. N. Prema
11 Mrs.S.Thejomani
12 Ms. S. Sri Priya

Library : No of Books in the Department Library-200


Students Progression

Year Pass %
2008-2009 100%
2007-2008 100%
2006-2007 100%
2005-2006 100%
2004-2005 100 %