S.No Name of the Principal Period of Service Qualities
1. Rev. Mother Sophie 1923-1949 The first Principal and Foundress of Holy Cross College. The steady progress of the institution was due in great measure to the pioneering spirit of Mother Sophie, who labored for the noble cause of education. She was a dynamic personality. She was far sighted, a stalwart and a magnetic woman. She herself was an Institution. She was held in the highest respect for her kindness and saintly character. In 1945, Mother Sophie was awarded the Kaiser-I-Hind medal for her work as an educationist. In 1961 the Cross of the Legion of Honour was bestowed on her by the French Government. She was especially keen about religious and moral instruction.
2. Rev. Mother Philomene 1949-1964 She was the first Vice Principal who served under Mother Sophie. When the mantle of Mother Sophie descended on her, she went about with an invariable white umbrella, supervising everything with a smiling face. No omission of duty or laxity escaped her penetrating surveillance. She was a dynamic person, a firm disciplinarian with a golden heart, an architect and a builder. Holy Cross College grew from strength to strength under the wise direction and able guidance of unflinching, tireless Mother Philomene. Post Graduate Courses in Economics and Botany were sanctioned by the University of Madras during her tenure as Principal. Mother Philomene was a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher and produced brilliant results especially in French. As a teacher she was most efficient and dedicated to her task. She was a hard task master and would never tolerate indolence or shirking of duties or responsibilities. She was generous, benevolent, charitable, sympathetic, devout and deeply religious minded. Alert in mind and brisk in her ways she was quick to make and carry out decisions. Punctuality, orderliness, regularity and hard work were her special traits.
3. Rev. Sr. Regina 1964-1969 Sister Regina was the first Indian Nun to assume office as Principal of Holy Cross College. The honour of raising Holy Cross College to a P.G. College fell on the shoulders of Sr. Regina. She maintained a high standard of discipline. She was an ideal and conscientious teacher of Tamil and Head of the Department of Tamil. The thoroughness with which she taught and the thoughtful care she had bestowed on each student left an indelible mark in their minds. She was a captivating speaker both in Tamil and English. She had displayed qualities of deep sincerity, great devotion to duty, unassuming simplicity and was a firm believer of high moral values. She was interested in social service, religious instruction and scriptures. The keen insight and rich experience she had, won her a respectable place in the minds of all who were acquainted with her. She was responsible for building a bigger Library with required amenities and cupboards, racks and additional blocks in the hostel.
4. Rev. Dr. Sr. Dona 1969-1974 A calm, serene dignified person with pleasant smiles, she dealt with various types of people. She was generous and sympathetic to the needy students. She was an efficient administrator and carried out her responsibilities with great endurance. She was a strict disciplinarian, a woman of vision, initiative and drive, and a towering personality. She was a truly dedicated religious person. Sister was the Founder and Head of the Department of Zoology. The College celebrated its Golden Jubilee during her tenure as Principal. She instilled family spirit, hard work, systematic planning and sincerity in the students and staff.
5. Rev. Sr. Emile 1974-1979 Sister was the Head of the Department of Botany. She exhibited remarkable courage and organizational skill during the cyclonic flood in November, 1977 and engaged herself along with the dedicated team of teachers in the salvage operations to bring the College back to its normal state. She encouraged the Staff to take up research under FIP-UGC programme. She had steadfast faith and trust in the Lord and in Gods loving providence. She engaged herself in the uplift of the rural masses and pioneered the NSS activities of the college.
6. Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Rose 1979-1995 Sister is noted for her dignity, simplicity and tact. She encouraged staff to do  M.Phil. and Ph.D. She revived the Alumnae Association and Parent- Teacher Association. She initiated the development of new centres and clubs in the college. In her long tenure as Principal she was instrumental in getting autonomy for our college and the starting of Rehabilitation Science Programme. Besides she has also added infrastructural facilities of the college
7. Rev. Dr. Sr. Anne Xavier 1995-2001 She has initiated new and relevant technical and job oriented courses in the curriculum. Value education in class room teaching and preparation of Question Banks are her achievements. She was responsible for the college volunteering for NAAC accreditation and it was awarded Five Star Status in1999. She also initiated quality research and built the glass house, as Head of the Department of Botany. She became part of the institution by her silent presence and selfless service. She is a simple and humble person with immense courage and unshakeable faith in God. She has extreme sympathy for the less fortunate and downtrodden. She has completed two major and two minor research projects funded by UGC. She is the recipient of Best Scientist Award by the Society for Plant Research, Department of Botany, Barielly. The College Platinum Jubilee was celebrated under her leadership. Choice Based Credit System was introduced during her tenure. She was a role model to everyone by her qualities of loyalty, commitment, duty, discipline and efficiency.
8. Rev. Dr. Sr. Rosy 2001-2007 She was adjudged the Best Principal of the year 2006-2007, and hence a trend setter. She was a very lovable Head of the Department of English, a dynamic teacher, always approachable and affectionate. Innovation and creativity were her hallmarks and there was perfection and excellence in her vision and mission. During her tenure as Principal, the college was re-accredited with “A” grade by NAAC. Holy Cross Community Radio (FM 90.4 MHz) for community outreach activities, was her brain child. The Language Laboratory in the English Department and Communication Laboratory were started by her. Internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) and RESCAPES-an extension programme was started during her tenure.
9. Rev. Dr. Sr. Sarguna 2007-2011 Sister is humble and diligent. She was the Head of the Department of Commerce, outstanding and impartial. She has been the mentor, guide and role model for many students and staff. She created a life of authenticity, abundance and happiness. Humility is her strength. She is God fearing and a strict disciplinarian. As a good counselor she found time to listen to people in distress and supported them strongly with her prayers. She is a patron of fine arts and started the College Orchestra. She is creative and innovative and provided additional infrastructure with modern facilities. She has won a total of 27 awards of both national and international status. She was adjudged the Best Principal and awarded the Certificate of Excellence by National and International Compendium, New Delhi. She has set a very high bench mark for the college by it getting the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Performance Trophy-2010 for education.
10. Rev. Dr. Sr. Jeusin Francis 2011 onwards Sister has specialized in Modern Literature in Tamil. She has held several administrative positions as warden, Superior, Secretary and Superior, Head of the Department of Tamil and Vice Principal. She assumed office as Principal in June, 2011. She has attended several National and International seminars, workshops, conferences and presented papers. She also has Paper publications and book publication to her credit. Under her headship books were compiled and edited for Part I Language-Tamil for I and II UG students. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated person. She is creative, simple and has great concern for the student community. She also maintains an employee friendly approach in her mode of administration. Discipline and duty combined with piety are her watch words. The college was awarded College with potential of Excellence status during her tenure.
S.No Name & Period Qualities
1. Rev. Mother Adelphine
All who knew her were touched by her sweetness and affection. A person with lovely manners and a gentle temperament. She took pains to work out her spiritual life. She enjoyed the consolation of her unwavering faith, loved prayer and the sweetness of meditation.
2. Rev. Mother Yvonne
She was an alumna and became the Head of the Department of Chemistry. She brought to her dual role the quietness and efficiency that have always distinguished her.
3. Rev. Mother Rositta
She was a kind and understanding person. She was generous but at the same time firm in her decision. She was a strict disciplinarian. She was prayerful and loved by everyone.
4. Rev. Mother Bertha
Mother Bertha was a sympathetic, gentle, soft spoken, quiet and unassuming person. She was sensitive to the needs of others, always ready to lend a helping hand. She handled catechism classes with great zeal.
5. Rev. Sr. Brenda
(1971-1973& 1976-1977)
She was a person with a strong will power, who successfully accomplished whatever she undertook. Sister was a strict disciplinarian and the Head of the Department of English. She was an extremely humane and a lovable personality who responded readily to the need of her students and staff. Her magnanimity was revealed in her humility and great concern for human beings and values in life through the realm of literature. She had always been a friend, philosopher and guide to many in the college.
6. Rev. Sr. Ann Celeste
She was gentle, kind, calm and a soft spoken person. She was in-charge of the stationery and mess for a long time. She was fond of pet animals. She believed in God and was a prayerful person.
7. Rev.Sr. Judith
Sister was the Head of the Department of Physics. She was committed and ably steered the department of Physics and provided the lab facilities. She was simple, innocent with a deep faith in God. She was helpful, obliging and very prayerful.
8. Rev. Sr. Grace
She was a simple and God-fearing person with a special compassion for the poor and the suffering. She was filled with Gods grace and was grateful for all His gifts to her. As a teacher of Hindi she was strict yet was greatly loved by her students. She was gentle, frank, responsible, loveable and unassuming in the positions that she held. She was also one of the first NSS officers to be appointed when NSS was started in Holy Cross College in 1975.
9. Rev. Sr. Miriam Therese
She was gentle, kind, sincere and carried out her duties and responsibilities gracefully and efficiently. She always greeted people with a gentle smile. She is co-operative with elders and takes care of people with concern. She leads her life with patience and faces the problems cheerfully.
10. Rev. Sr. Francine
She is frank, sincere, dynamic and cheerful. She is friendly, responsible and approachable. She is spiritual and always faced her problems with the help of God.
11. Rev. Sr. Dolores
She is very gentle and a soft spoken person who trusts in Gods love and guidance. As an administrator she was friendly and approachable. She was the Head of the Department of Chemistry. As a teacher of Chemistry she was strict and also gave importance to discipline and values for life, in addition to subject knowledge.
12. Rev. Dr. Sr. Rosy
(1988-1992 & 1997-2000)
She was the Principal of the College and Head of the Department of English. She was greatly appreciated for fulfilling her duties and responsibilities without much ado. She also served as the Principal. She used her creative and critical insights for the betterment of the College, whatever position she held. At present she is the Provincial of Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Province of Tiruchirappalli.
13. Rev. Sr. Marie Rita
She is a strict disciplinarian who desires punctuality from both staff and students. As a teacher of French she ensured that students learnt not only language but also the important values for life. She is at present Controller of Examinations. She is frank, sincere and always works with a sense of involvement and concern for students.
14. Rev. Sr. Humbeline
(1993-1997 & 2000-2002)
She has deep rooted faith in God. She strongly supports the progress of the institution and is the architect who was responsible for the construction of several buildings in the institution of Holy Cross. She is very simple and humble as her name implies and whatever she does is with a touch of perfection. She has great concern for the poor. As an able administrator she is a strict disciplinarian.
15. Rev. Sr. Eusebius
A gentle serene person with a sweet smile, she shouldered her responsibilities with a sense of quiet dignity and active involvement. As a teacher of French, she created in her students a great passion for French. She was kind but firm, sympathetic, cheerful and considerate to others.
16. Rev. Dr. Sr. Georgia
She was the Head of the Department of History and brought new dimensions in the subject. She introduced Tourism and Womens Studies in the curriculum and started History with specialization in Womens Studies and in the Self-financing stream PG Programme-M.A. Human Rights which is of global significance. She was awarded scholarship by the French Embassy to pursue her Ph.D. study. She was an effective teacher with a keen interest in foreign languages viz. Dutch and French. She was an ardent AICUF worker. She was creative in her thinking and practical in her approach to life. She is a simple and affectionate person with a great concern for the poor.
17. Rev. Dr. Sr. Jeusin Francis
She is an able leader and a constant source of support. Simplicity and humility are her special traits. She is also the Head of the Department of Tamil. She is a genuine and friendly person who shoulders the responsibilities with trust in God and confidence in her staff and great concern for her students. She is positively creative and critical in her thinking and decision making and is generous and willing to help the weak and the poor. She is conscientious and compassionate in her concern for others.
18. Rev. Dr. Sr. Maria Kamalam
Sisters noble vision enabled her to Head the Institute of Rehabilitation Science and Special Education. She had the missionary and pioneering zeal and with this she stood firmly against trying times and helped the special school grow to glory. Under her dynamic leadership the institute expedited a multiple range of services. She was a versatile academician, an inspired researcher and an able administrator. She excelled in whatever she performed. She is a sincere, affectionate, very unassuming and simple person who lives each day with deep faith and prayer. She shares her views without fear or favour. She had won several National and International awards. She is a great source of moral support for the growth of the college. She is a born leader. She worked endlessly for the uplift of staff and students. She is the Director of SOC SEAD centre.
19. Rev.Sr. Saghayamary
(2011 onwards)
She is humane and innovative person. She is quiet, calm and sincere in fulfilling the responsibilities, she shoulders. She has a soft corner for the poor, teen age girls, the sick and suffering. She takes a creative approach to doing the work assigned to her. She is friendly and available when staff and students wish to meet her. She is also the Librarian and the main organizer of Come Alive Programme for creating positive awareness among children and adults about the importance of sanctity and dignity of the human body.