Fine Arts





To excel as a culturally proficient institution among academic organizations across the country


To provide equal platforms for both the interested and talented students in music, dance and theatre, so that they grow in confidence through artistic expression, ignite their creativity and originality and evolve into better thinking and creative beings


  • To identify interested and talented students in Fine Arts and motivate them
  • To provide big platforms for signature talents
  • To train students in folk dance, music and theatre
  • To facilitate team building processes
  • To inculcate leadership skills of taking initiatives, organization and crisis management
  • To promote respect for values and tradition
  • To reach out to society through creative expression
  • To encourage artistic excellence

Motto: To Ignite Creativity and Originality

Core Committee:

Cultural Coordinator – Dr. Felicita Florence, Assistant Professor in Chemistry


  • Dr. Priya, Assistant Professor in Chemistry
  • Ms. Angel, Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Science
  • Dr. Arumbu, Assistant Professor in Tamil


Shift II Coordinator– Ms. Babithra, Assistant Professor in Tamil


Academic Calendar

The Fine Arts Club had an active calendar of cultural events. It is set to dynamically train and provide platforms to stage talents at the college level, intercollegiate competitions and to perform on invitation in Government sponsored cultural programmes.

  • Month of July- Season of SCINTILLA – Freshers’ Day
  • Month of August- Playback Theatre Workshops
  • Month of September- It’s time for Festember
  • Month of October- The much awaited Bard Fest
  • Month of November- Folk Team’s National Level Performances
  • Month of December- TALENTIA- The Fine Arts Festival
  • Month of January- Geared up for Intercollegiate Championships
  • Month of February- Home Town Culturals and Competitions
  • Month of March- College Day Culturals