The EXNORA of Holy Cross College is a club functioning with the voluntary membership of more than 150 students every year.The student have a positive attitude to work voluntarily for a social cause.The exnora unit of our college undertakes several socially relevant and useful projects every year towards provides creating awareness among the local community and school children on various issues relating to environmental sustainability.


Staff Advisor: Dr. Cecily Rosemary Latha R., Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology
President: Ms. P. Renganayaki, II B.Sc. Zoology
Vice- President: Ms. J. Winsley, I B.Com.
Secretary: Ms. Shobana Sebastin Mary, II B.Sc. Chemistry
Assistant Secretary: Ms. M. M. Sona. I B.A. English

ExNoRa – Creating Radical changes through Excellent ideas and Novel approaches

Following activities are carried out by The Students’ ExNoRa Club of Holy Cross College:

? Series of lecture cum workshop and Meetings on various environmental issues are organised for students of ExNoRa club.

? “Mass Tree Plantation” Programs are carried out in schools and colleges in and around Trichy.

? Awareness Campaigns and Awareness Programme on various environmental issues, viz., on Conservation of Natural Resources, Pollution control measures, Rain water harvesting, Global warming, Wild life conservation , Ozone depletion, need for afforestation etc. were demonstrated through power point presentation, charts etc to villagers and school students in and around Trichy.

? Awareness Programme on the importance of Higher Education, Health and hygiene, various competitions based on environmental issues, Medical Camps and Basic English Language teaching etc. were carried out by Exnorians in various groups to the school students in and around Trichy district.