Entrepreneurial Development Centre

The EDC has been active to keep pace with the changing business lines of the future. The EDC was started in September 2004. The focus of this centre was self- help, to enable students to become self- employable and to provide opportunities to “earn while they learn”.

   The main objectives of the programme are given below:

·         To train students & outsiders to empower themselves

·         To develop skills through training programmes

·         To empower SHGs by means of giving income generating activities

·         To help SHGs through sponsorship programmes

 The students of shift I, shift II and outsiders enrolled for various courses such as tailoring, arts and crafts, embroidery etc. Ms.Joephine Pramela,  EDC instructor gave training to 120 students about basic tailoring course and  advanced tailoring course. Out of 120 students 40 students have learnt advanced tailoring course. 120 students have learnt hand embroidery and 80 students have learnt for flower making activity. Nearly 25 students registered for doll making and 40 students have learnt   fancy bag making.  20 students have completed wollen work. 180 students learnt to stitch fancy pillows.  60 students completed beautician course. Thus EDC remains a hub of activity centre attracting students for crash courses throughout the year.The focus of this centre is self-help and to enable students to become self employable and to provide opportunities to “earn while they learn”. The Alumnae of Holy Cross College came forward to support the centre which was flagged off in September 2004. The Centre gives training on Arts and Crafts which include tailoring- basic and advanced, Hand embroidery, flower making, chalk making, making dolls, bags and woollen articles and painting classes. It is extending needy service to the beneficiaries who are self help group women members, girls and women from neighbouring slums enterprising and economically challenged students of our institution. The EDC has carved out a niche for itself. It works diligently for the uplift of marginalized women with financial support from Tamil Nadu Women Development Corporation and Tamil Nadu slum Clearance Board Tiruchirappalli Division.

It provides skill based training for paper covers, dolls, dresses etc. The focus of the centre is to enable students to students who are economically become self-employable and to provide opportunities to earn while they learn. Preference is given to backward.

Activities of EDC

    The total number of students benefitted in 2012 are 292,  out of which Shift I students’ are173, Shift II students are 104 and outsiders are 15.In 2013 the total number of students benefitted in 2013 are 291, out of which Shift I students’ are149, Shift II students are 118 and outsiders are 24.

The following are the courses conducted .

S. No. Type of courses
1. Tailoring
2. Hand Embroidery
3. Soft Doll & Craft
4. Flower Making
5. Certificate course on Beautician (30 hrs )