The Department of English, Holy Cross College, Tiruchirappalli has an outstanding faculty, a challenging academic schedule and a participative, literary ambience for the students.
In keeping with the vision of our college, our challenge is to mentor a heterogeneous group of students and with us, you’d find the better becoming the best. With us, learning takes place both within and beyond the classroom through extensive programmes. Literary activities, guest-lectures, competitions, workshops and seminars crowd our academic calendar.

With Us

  1. The student appreciates the world of Literature, learns to read extensively and write accurately through the in and beyond classroom experience in the Main Courses.
  2. The student learns contemporary relevant courses and experiments language through innovative Allied, Skill-Based and Non- Major Elective courses.
  3. The student develops LSRW skills through interactive learning in Part II English and gains hands on experience of the language through field work.
  4. The student learns evaluatory research, gains indepth and updated knowledge in research skills.
  5. The student sharpens language skills through the unique Language Lab and Communication Lab experiences.
  6. The student develops literary appreciation, generates creative ideas, expands critical thinking and experiments classroom teaching through well-structured seminars and assignments.
  7. The student becomes socially conscious and globally competent with value-based integrated courses.

Innovative Teaching Methodologies make participatory learning a unique feature of our classrooms.


  • B.A. : English
  • M.A. : English Language and Literature
  • M.Phil. : English
  • Ph.D. : English
  • Certificate course  Spoken English and Communicative Skills
  • Add-on Course Journalism



  1. The students appreciate the different branches of Literature in English and are inspired to read extensively.
  2. The students comprehend the literary background through allied papers like HEL and SHE. and trace the History of England down the ages from the Renaissance of the 16th century to the World Wars of the 20th century.
  3. The students study different writers of different ages and evaluate styles of writing in the various genres.
  4. The students develop their LSRW skills through practical experience in the Main Elective Papers.
  5. The students express their creative output through training in Theatre Arts and Creative Writing
  6. The students discover new horizons for research.



  1. The students study and appreciate the literary works and styles of different authors.
  2. The students learn Applied Linguistics, English Language Structure and practice English Language teaching .
  3. The students understand terms, methods, approaches and techniques used in the field of comparative studies.
  4. The students understand the different facets and tools of Research Methodology and apply them in their research work.


OBJECTIVES: M.Phil. : English

  1. The candidates comprehend certain fundamental operations in human thought, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and generalizations pertaining to research in the social sciences and English language and Literature and the mechanics of thesis writing.
  2. The candidates appraise different kinds of discourse and the style of thesis writing and the different theories of Literature.
  3. The candidates evaluate the different schools of critical thought, beginning, from the precursors of modern literary theories.




The Department of English, Holy Cross College was established in 1923 to teach English to the students of the Intermediate classes. The introduction of the B.A course in English Literature in 1966, the post-graduate course in 1972, Research in 1992 and M.Phil in2003 are the important academic milestones of the department. The Shift II, B.A. course was begun in 2008.


The Department of English had the rare privilege of being headed, from time to time, both by lay staff and the Sisters of the Cross. Some of the illustrious heads of the department, who have contributed to the growth and achievement of the department are Ms. Lobo- a benevolent person and ardent lover of Literature with a communicable sense of humour; Ms. Prakasam- a compassionate and resourceful head; Sr. Gemma- a simple and disciplined leader; Sr. Brenda-an erudite and soft-spoken scholar; Dr. Christine Gomez- the initiator of the department’s research culture and a fine blend of critical and creative thinking; Dr. Sr. Rosy- an educator with a vision and administrator par excellence; Dr. Noronha Inez- a highly devoted and inspiring academician; Ms. Isabel Fernandez  an eloquent and enthusiastic educationalist and Dr. V.S Geetha- a meticulous, humane and a creative head .
A number of versatile and committed staff have strengthened the department and left behind their strong footprints in the spheres of Teaching, Research and Creative Activities: Dr. Nalini Nambiar, Dr. Hyacinth Pink, Dr. Usha Amalarasi, Ms. Fernandez Stephana Cynthia, Dr. Tara Anbarasi, Dr. Susan Jacob, Dr. Yagnashri Nambiar, Dr. Ganga Vishwanathan and Dr. Shanti Baliah.

Academic Programmes:

A voyage into the fathomless world of Literature in English and contemporarily relevant courses are tailor-made for the students at both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. The scholars of Full-Time M.Phil and Ph.D programmes embark on an intellectual exploration of philosophy in Literature and work on generating original thinking. The curriculum is constantly updated to make it need-based. A yearly need-audit done with the student representatives in the Board of Studies meetings, has made our courses globally relevant. Part II English caters to the need of first-generation, regionally backward students and fast learners with focus on LSRW skills. Further, the needs of the students at the regional, national and international levels have been identified and several courses of interest and relevance such as English for Competitive Examinations, Journalism, Theatre Arts, Voices of Women in Literature, New Literatures, Celebrations of Life in Literature and Creative Writing widen the horizons of the students at the Under Graduate Level. A course in Perspectives of Women in Literature to focus on Women’s Writings has been included in the Post Graduate syllabus. In addition Practical Criticism and the Teaching Practice components have been introduced to make them better teachers. The candidates develop critical powers and evaluate writers using different critical theories in their research. The candidates upgrade their Communication Skills for Effective teaching and Computer application skills in the teaching of English. The candidates learn the Art of Writing and Publishing a research article. The candidates evaluate the themes, style and forms of Post Colonial Literature.



These are the illustrious Heads of the Past


Ms. Lobo


Ms. Prakasam


Sr. Gemma

4 Sr. Brenda
5 Dr. Christine Gomez

HOD s from 2001 onwards…


Dr. Sr. Rosy


Dr. Noronha Inez


Ms. Isabel Fernandez


Dr. V.S Geetha


Ms. Regina Dorothy


Dr. Grace Beula Malini


ACTIVITIES FOR (2014-2015)-till date

Bridge Course:

COMPLETED (2013-2014): The Bridge course was successfully completed for the year 2013- 2014.. It seeks to boost the communicative skills of the students from vernacular and English medium. The Bridge Course was held for the first year students from the 24th of June to the 28th of June 2013 by teachers and student facilitators of the English Department. Around 800 Students from 17 departments reaped the benefits of the Bridge Course. Bridge Course for the year 2014- 2015 was no different from the previous year .Students were given tutelage in the pivotal areas of reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.


The English Literary Association:

The English Literary Association was inaugurated on 23rd July 2013 by Dr. Bennet, Associate Professor in English, National College, Trichy. The programme included the investiture ceremony, an enactment of a scene from Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra by the students of English Literature and a motivational address by chief guest . The association activities took off with zeal showcasing the talents of the students. An intra-departmental literary pageant competition was conducted on 31st August 2013 with Ms. Fatima Salahudeen, former Assistant Professor, Department of English, Holy Cross College as the judge. On 25th September 2013, a Literary Quiz competition was conducted with Ms. Merlin Depsy Nithiya as the Quiz Master; following this on 23rd October 2013, an essay writing competition was conducted. Twenty four students participated in Sahitya – intercollegiate state level competitions held at Gandhigram Rural University on 7th February 2014 and won many prizes and backed the first runner up. The Lit Hit – an intercollegiate state level literary fest was conducted by Bishop Heber College on 12th February 2014. The Literature students participated and won various prizes and were adjudged the first runner up. The English Literary Association, Holy Cross College organized ACME 2014 – an intercollegiate state level literary fiesta on 21 st February with a participation of nearly 30 colleges. The Prizes and certificates of the winners of the various competitions will be distributed in the valediction function. The English Literary Association was inaugurated on 2nd July 2014 by Dr. A.S.D Pillai, Former Professor of St. Joseph’s college, Trichy.


Language Lab activities started with the sessions for I year General English Students from Regional Medium. This included a total Language Lab experience to improve integrated language skills namely Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

On 21st June 2013 the Language Lab conducted a one day workshop for the students of Shift I on  “How to handle Bridge course classes for the Freshers”.

The academic year 2013-2014 began with the renewal of the tie- up programme between Holy Cross College and the two schools namely Sri Sivananda Balalaya and Hope Home. One Saturday of every month the children come to the Language Lab between 9 am to 4.00 pm. The sessions comprise vocabulary building, articulation of sounds in English, Action songs, Tongue twisters and Listening, Speaking, Reading and writing skills , Games and some activities based on communication skills.

During the month of August students of MCA & M. Sc Computer science (Shift 1 & Shift 2) attended a workshop on Soft Skills. The session included Ice Breaking, Interview Facing Sills, Hot Chair and Group Dynamics. These sessions were facilitated by Sr. Judy Gomez, Ms. Suganthi and Ms. Srimugi.



The Communication Lab promotes a better acquisition of the Listening and Speaking Skills of the U.G and P.G students of the English Department and the II U.G. General English Students of the whole college. The staff-in-charge along with the respective II General English teachers, fix the hours used by the students. The resources available are CD’s, DVD players, Home theatre, LCD projector, 2 Air conditioners and 5 computers. Approximately 1000 General English students benefit from the lab. The U.G, P.G and M.Phil students of the English Department use the lab continuously for seminars through Power-Point Presentations. The staff also use it regularly for conducting classes through Power Point Presentations.



The Department of English organized the Parent Teachers Meeting on 12th September 2013, for the UG and PG courses. Invitations for the meeting were distributed through the students. The parents met the class teachers and the concerned subject teachers. It was an active interaction; hundred and fifty five parents were present for the meeting. The parents were invited to write their comments and fill in the feedback forms. Many parents were happy with the curriculum of the department. The parents made a special mention on the teacher- student rapport and thanked the department for the values imparted to the students.



The Department of English organized an alumnae meeting on 1st February 2014, in Room No.79 at 8.45 a.m. The resource person was Dr. M. Rajalakshmi, Assistant Professor of Zoology, Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli. She spoke on the topic “Life Skills” and Stressed on the importance of taking care of our selves spiritually, physically and mentally. She advised the alumnae that by taking care of themselves today the future generation will be healthier tomorrow. Dr. Grace Beula Malini, Head of the Department of English, Holy Cross College (Autonomous), Tiruchirappalli, was also present. 35 alumnae from U.G, P.G and M.Phil courses were present for the meeting.



Seethalakshmi Ramaswamy College conducted a debate competition on the topic entitled Woman as a freedom fighter in the modern world on August 29th 2013. A.F Jovita Macrina of I B.A Literature (Shift I) was adjudged the Best Speaker, and Antonet Fehmi of II B.A. Literature (Shift I) also participated.

Cauvery College for Women conducted a competition on September 15th 2013, on the topic Woman as a writer – a prolific fighter A.F. Jovita Macrina and Cheryl Preethi Cynthia of I B.A. Literature (Shift I) participated.


Staff : Click Profile
Students: 2012-13 S.Anugraha – NSS President, attended an adventure camp at Arunachal Pradesh.
2013- 14 Paper Presentationy on Feminine Sensibility in Anita Desais’s Fire on the Mountainby Nikkita Antonette Glasford, Shanmuga Priy. M , Antonet Fehmi. S.



Learning has always been a two  way process through Language Lab, Communication Lab, Seminars through Power Point Presentation, Motion Picture, Smart Board etc.



S.No Title of e-lessons
1 The Night of the Scorpion
2 Instructional Media
3 Nissim Ezekiel Night of the Scorpion
4 Social History of England-Victorian Age

Projects Undertaken:

S. No.


Major/ Minor

Research Area

Funding Agency

Sanctioned Amount (Rs.)


1. Dr. Shanthi Baliah Major Research Need based methods and materials for teaching rural and semi-urban women students through the Language Lab UGC Above 3 lakhs 2003 and 2006.
2. Dr. Usha Devi Minor Research A study to the difficulties encountered by the first generation learners in the development of LSRW skills 66000 between 2007 and 2009.
3. Ms. Regina Dorothy Add-On Course in Soft Skills and Communication UGC 5lakhs and 50thousand. between 2008 and 2011
4 Dr. Catherin Edward Major Research  A Study on the Significance of Bridge Course in Improving Communication Skills in English for College Entrants from Rural and Regional Medium Schools UGC 4,63,200 2009 and 2011.
5. Dr. Quental Cheryl Mary MINOR A study of applied English language skills and the dynamics of writing for print and electronic media. UGC 80,000 2009-2011
6. Sr.Judy Gomez MINOR Outreach Extension project: teaching disadvantaged school children English communication skills UGC


90,000 2009-2011
7 Ms. Benita. N Minor project Teaching of English to mothers of first generation learners UGC RS:80000 2010and 2011


S.No Ph.D M.Phil Remarks
No of staff guiding Scholars Produced Pursuing No of staff guiding Scholars Produced Pursuing

MOUs Signed:
The Language Laboratory has a tie up with SRI SIVANANDA BALALAYA School from JULY 2008 – Apr 2013
The Language Laboratory has a tie up with the HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS HOME from JULY 2008 -Apr 2013

The Teaching Team

S.no Name Areas of Interest
1 Dr. Catherin Edward M.A., M.Phil., PGDCA, PGDTE, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English

Twentieth Century American Drama , English Language and Linguistics , English Language Teaching , British Poetry and Literary Theories and Criticism
2 Dr. Quental Cheryl Mary M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English and Former Vice-Principal

Canadian Literature, Journalism, Literary Criticism, American literature
3 Ms. Mary Sandra Quintal, M.A., M.Phil., with NET

Assistant Professor of English

Canadian Literature, Indian Writing in English, Social History of England, History of English Literature and Group Dynamics
4 Ms. Mary Jayanthi, M.A., M.Phil., with SLET

Assistant Professor of English

Canadian Literature, Creative Writing, Communicative English, Soft Skills, Indian Writing in English and Group Dynamics
5 Dr. Judy Gomez, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

British Literature, African American Literature, Research Methodology, Poetry, English Communicative Skills, ELT
6 Ms. Benita.N, M.A., M.Phil., with NET

Assistant Professor of English

Creative Writing and Literary Criticism
7 Dr. Ruby Merlin, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Comparative Literature, Indian Writing in English, History of English Literature, Classics in Translation, and Literary Criticism
8 Ms. M. Maria Camilla M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,with SET

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, British Literature,New Literatures, Poetry .Drama
9 Dr. Suganthi.k , M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Canadian Literature, British Literature, Comparative Literature, Communicative English, Soft Skills and Research Methodology
10 Ms. Desiree Ann,  M.A. B.Ed. with SET

Assistant Professor of English

Children’s Literature, African- American Literature, Drama, Journalism.
11 Ms. Joanna D Vaz,  M.A. M.Phil with NET

Assistant Professor of English

Contemporary Literature, Feminist Literature, British Literature, Drama, Poetry, Literary Criticism
12 Ms. Muthu Selvi, M.A, M.Phil with SLET

Assistant Professor of English

African- American Literature, History of English Literature, Literary Criticism, Poetry
13 Ms. Eileen Brisha L., M.A., M.Phil with SLET and NET

Assistant Professor of English

Fiction, Postcolonial Literature, South Asian Literature, Postmodernism
14 Ms. Joan Cynthia R., M.A., M.Phil with NET,

Assistant Professor of English

South African Literature, Literary Criticism, British Literature, Drama, Journalism
15 Ms. Akila M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, Educational Psychology, ELT, Poetry
16 Ms. Joanna M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, European Classics, Poetry
17 Ms. Jennifer Flora Garret, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

African American Literature, British Literature
18 Ms. Cheryl Antonette Dumenil, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

English Language Teaching, Soft Skills, Business English and Communication, Journalism, Ecocriticism,  Indian Writing in English and Literary Criticism

Ms. M. Charmine Ownita M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed

Assistant Professor of English

 African American Literature, ELT
20 Ms. Merlin Depsy Nithya., M.A., M.Phil with NET

Assistant Professor of English


Ms. A.Priya M.A., M.Phil., with SET

Assistant Professor of English

Post – Colonial Literature

Ms. Ethina M.A., M.Phil.

Assistant professor

 Areas of interest : translation studies, contemporary literary theory, ELT, feminism, journalism

Ms. B. Steffi Sagaya Mary M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Canadian Literature, South-Asian Literature, Comparative literature and Translation studies1


Ms. S. I Rosy Lidia, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English


Ms. Amee Karunya M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English


Ms. Tonia Pais, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English


Ms. Annie Vimala, M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English


Shift II



Areas of Interest


MS.J.PUNITHA M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, African-American Literature


Ms.N.Vidhya , M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English


Ms. S. Mariena Kamala Brinda Noel M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English , Psychological Study


Ms. M.R. Jayapriya Durga M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, English Language Teaching, Educational Psychology, Drama, ELT and Group Dynamics


Ms. Faith Julia M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, English Language Teaching,


Ms. M. Maria Merline M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Indian Writing in English, Canadian Literature, American Literature and Caribbean literature.


MS. V. Nobal Esther M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

ELT, Post modernism, New historicism


Ms. R. Revathy M.A., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor of English

Post Colonial Literature, Journalism, American Literature, Eco-feminism.


MS. M. Bincy Dora Mary, Assistant professor

Areas of Interest: Feminism, Post Colonial Literature, ELT, Journalism


Ms. V. S. Deerkalakshmi, M.A., M.Phil., SET, Adv. Dip. In Journalism

Assistant Professor of English

Feminism, Post Colonial Literature, ELT, Journalism


Ms.Jebasynthia M.A., M.Phil., SET,

Assistant Professor of English

Post Colonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, African Literature


Ms.Angel Mettilda M.A., M.Phil., SET,

Assistant Professor of English


2004-2005 UG-92% PG-100% M Phil-67%
2005-2006 UG-88% PG-100% M Phil- 80%
2006-2007 UG-97% PG-90% M Phil-86%
2007-2008 UG-100% PG-100% MPhil-100%
2008-2009 UG-97% PG-100% MPhil-100%
2009-2010 UG-100% PG-100% M Phil- 100%
2011-2012 UG-98.44% PG-92.86% M.Phil-100%
2012-2013 UG-100% PG-95.25% M.Phil-100%
2013-2014 UG-98.44% PG-92.86% M.Phil-100%

University ranks
“Eng Lit” Holy Crossians have consistently secured top positions at the University Exams

Year UG PG
2011 – 12 JOANNA D VAZ – I


b) Research Guideship
Research in the last 5 years
The areas of research are broad based and diverse – Drama: Fiction: Women’s Studies: E.L.T.: Black American Literature: Chicano, Canadian and African Literature and Indian Writing in English. This corpus of expertise in diverse fields of Literature is accessed by the research scholars-PG, M.Phil., and Ph.D. students.
Ph.D scholars being guided – 9
M.Phil. scholars guided – 53

Approved Research Guides
Dr. Catherin Edward M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D –  DRC Coordinator
Dr. Quental Cheryl Mary M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D – DRC Member
Dr. Grace Beula Malini M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D – DRC Member


Our Alumnae have carved a niche for themselves in various institutions, in various positions as English Teachers and Professors. A few have branched off to explore Mass Communication. Some have found their voice as TV news readers and online journal editors. Competent students have been placed in BPOs that include HCL, INFOSYS, Slash Support, First Source and Sutherland Global Agencies. Our alumni have filled administrative posts as HR professionals, engaged in Consultancy services and have ventured into Technical Writing. Our department has been a platform to a few enthused writers.
Dr. Rama HOD and Vice Principal of Indira Gandhi College
Dr. Laura Asst. Professor, Bharathidasan University
Ms. Dipna Jacob Copy Writer The Times Of Omen, Muscat
Dr. Nandhini HOD of Anna University
Ms. R. Suriya Tamil News Presenter, DD Podhigai
Ms. M. Prescilla English News Presenter, DD National
Ms. S. Steffi Susan Senior Customer Support, MNC

Our first-generation learners with upgraded language skills have evolved into able teachers both at school and college levels.
Impressions Abroad
Our faculty’s intellectual journeys beyond boundaries have made a strong impact in International forums

    • Dr. Flora Shanti Baliah-4th Asia TEFL Conference, Paper presented on ‘Language and Culture’, Seinan Gaikum University, Fukauka 18th – 20th August 2006
    • Ms. Benita Napoleon- 21st International Conference of Philosophy, Paper presented on “Unification of sensibilities in Donne’s poetry and modern complexity consciousness”, Neapolis University, Paphos, Cyprus- 2009
    • The campus newspaper, HOLY CROSS STANDARD, was started in the year 2006. It reports the happenings in and around the campus during the academic year.

The Online Campus newspaper, HOLY CROSS HERALD, started in the year 2007, published articles by students till 2010

Activities- Conferences, Seminar, Workshops, Symposium, Literary Activities
Intellectual dialogues through Conferences, Seminars and state-of-the-heart workshops, recreating and reliving drama on stage and living Literature through various activities dot the academic schedule.

  • 2012- 2013 A two day International workshop on Creative Arts
  • 2010 – 2011 One day Orientation on “Literary Criticism on 10th March 2011”.
  • 2009- 2010 A series of workshop for II U.G students on “Group Dynamics” – on 27th July – 7th August 2009
  • One-day seminar on “Journalistic Styles of Writing” on 29th July 2009.
  • Two-day seminar on “Recent Trends in Journalism: Medium and Message” on 3rd & 4th February 2010.
  • Two-day Workshop on Theatre Arts on 6th, 7th March 2010.
    2008- 2009
  • One-day workshop on “Theatre Arts” on 12th January 2009.
  • One-day seminar on Journalism on “Social Commitment of the Media” on 26th February 2009.


  •  Rainbow FM channel live programme – “CollegeKalakkal”  was aired from HCC on 16th January
  • Two-day Seminar on Journalism and Public Relations on 22nd – 23rd January2008.
    2006- 2007
  • Two-day Workshop on Mass Communication and Communication Techniques on 27th – 28th July 2006
  • One-day Workshop Personnel Management and Public Relations on 27th September 2006.
  • Two-day Intercollegiate Seminar on Communication Strategies in Mass Media for U.G & P.G students – 11th – 12th December 2006.
  • International Conferenceon Canadian Literature Dialogue Across Cultures Canada and India, 31st January – 1st February 2006
  • 2005-2006 One day Workshop on “Practical Aspects of Journalism” on 20th January 2005
  • Two day Workshop on “Communication skills in English for college teachers – on 18th August 2005
  • Shakespeare’s “Othello” staged on 4th January 2006
  • Two-day Workshop on English Communication on 18th -19th Aug 2005.
  • 2004-2005 One day Workshop on “Applied Journalism” on 4th March,2004 Prizes and awards won
  • Be it Poetry Recitation, Creative Writing, Literary Quiz, Acting our students have been active, vibrant participants in inter-collegiate contests and have brought home accolades and credentials. Winning Over-All shields are customary for “Eng Lit” Holy Crossians.