Credit Transfer

Student Credits Transfer and Projects Abroad: Two students, Ms. Midhuna Divya of III B.Sc. Visual Communication in V Semester and Ms. Bindu Mary Oomen of II B.Com in III semester were able to transfer credits from University of New England and Murdoch University in Australia to HCC, respectively. The students of Rehabilitation Science and Biotechnology regularly undertake projects in universities and institutions abroad.

Student Publications: Students of Holy Cross College learn the skill of publication in the campus. Some of their publications are listed below.

  • English Literature-Online Campus News (Monthly) in collaboration with Papyrus Club – Holy Cross Herald (No longer published now) – Check
  • English Literature- Campus Newspaper – Holy Cross Standard Annual
  • Economics- Bi-annual Newsletter – Eco-Voice
  • Commerce- Bi-annual Newsletter – COMRAYS
  • Rehabilitation Science- Annual Newsletter – ECHO
  • Visual Communication
    i) SAARAL (Tamil Annual Magazine)
    ii) ACE VENTURA (English Annual)
    iii) 70 mm-Bilingual (Annual)
  • Computer Science – Comfete Annual Magazine- Check
  • Women Studies Centre – News Letter started this year – 2011 – 2012