Central Instrumentation Centre

A well-established Central Instrumentation Facility with the essential equipments was funded by the College management, DST-FIST (2008) & UGC-CPE (2012) for Life Science Departments. The facility at HCC was planned to support scientific infrastructure so as to practice advanced research effectively. The laboratory aids sophisticated instruments that are essential for Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics and Zoology departments. The facilities are made open of teaching and research purpose. Under graduate and Post graduate students experience demonstrations on the working and principle of the instruments and M. Phil, Doctoral research scholars and faculty members practice advanced research.

Available instruments & equipments



Reverse transcriptase PCR

ELISA reader

Compound microscope

UV-visible spectrophotometer

Fluorescent microscope

Ultra microtome

Infra red Absorption Spectroscopy

Deep freezer (-80 & -60)

Gel documentation unit

Cooling centrifuge





The instrumentation facility is made open for academicians and researchers from other Institutions or Centres with feasible charges as mentioned in the tariff. BIO-SERVICE TRAIFF…

One can contact CIF to ensure the submission of samples and other queries regarding the service. Processing of the samples depends on the sample queue.

Workshops and demonstrations:

In order to explore the knowledge on handling skills, workshops and demonstration sessions on the principle and working of the instruments, techniques and their application in research will be organized upon request for Schools, Colleges and faculty members.

Contact :

R.Josephine, Technician

Ph: 0431-2700637