Animal Cell Culture Facility

HCC established its Animal Cell Culture Facility in 2011 and maintains a well-established environment till date. The facility is open for all the life science students, research scholars and faculty members of the institution. All the necessary equipment required for the culturing, maintaining and analyzing animal cells. It facilitates basic requirements for media preparation, filtration, cell passaging with necessary culture medium and sterile reagents. The facility has experience in culturing a range of cancer cell lines and normal cells and testing the efficacy of plant-derived drugs against these cells. About 12 phytochemicals isolated from herbal plants were identified to possess anticancer potentials against breast, prostate and colon cancer cells.

The facility has six separate rooms of which the main laboratory is facilitated with constant HEPA filtered air flow, the other rooms were designed for reagent preparation, sterilization, CO2 cylinders and UPS, Deep freezer, chemicals, glass wares and plastic wares. A 24h-functioning automated power generator supports the maintenance of cell culture without any interruption in power supply. The cell culture facility complies with proper regulations in handling and disposal of biohazard materials. The consumables used, both disposable and non-disposable ones are autoclaved regularly. Liquid waste are displaced in chlorine containing bottles and then disposed.

Equipments and other infrastructure facilities

HEPA filter

Refrigerated mini-centrifuge

Laminar air flow chamber

Deep freezer (-80?C)

CO2 incubators


Inverted Phase contrast microscope


Rotary vacuum pump

Filtration units

Cryo can