AICUF is an organization of university students. The movement was started in 1924, at St.Joseph’s College, Tiruchirappalli by Fr. Carty,  SJ. Currently it operates in 14 states of India. The organization is affiliated to Pax-Romana, an international association of catholic professionals.

The principal aims of the organization are

  • The spirit of Christian Brotherhood
  • informed catholic mind
  • application of catholic principles to social problems


The AICUF membership is open to university students who share the ideals of the movement as enshrined in the constitution. However, every member state has the autonomy to decide on its own policy regarding membership. Every member is entitled to participate in all the decision making activities of the unit. However, a member can be selected as an office-bearer only on completion of one year in the AICUF, except in the case of newly formed units.

The members of AICUF stand for the Service and liberation of all human persons. irrespective of caste, sex, language or belief. As members of the larger human family, aicufers affirm their solidarity with all those engaged in the struggle for peace, human and democratic rights and for a world by growing economic interdependence and equality.

 In-charge for shift II  Ms. Mercy Jenifer .M. D.
 Members  From I & II of all the departments

In order to evoke greater theological reflection on the historical situation of man and society and to elicit deeper motivation to strive for human freedom, training sessions are conducted for students every year.

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