To open hearts and ignite minds to work tirelessly so as to be the change that is needed for development, peace, justice, and harmonious society.


To inculcate human values in young minds by developing their critical, analytical and communicative skills focussing on positive qualities so as to form a meaningful human relationship in society.


  To help the Student Community to develop professional and leadership skills.

  To empower young leaders to build a better future.

  To nurture the creativity and inspire the student community to serve the society in a better way.


We were born into an unjust society and we were determined not to leave it as we have found it.

Name of the Staff Coordinators Dr. R. Pricila
Assistant Professor of History (SI)
Ms. M. D. Mercy Jennifer
Assistant Professor of Physics (SII)
President C. Tino Vivilia, II BSc. Mathematics (S-I)
J. Neoma Jency Roy, II BA English (S-II)
Secretary S.M. Sneha, II BA History (S-I)
I. Urenicka Akansha, II BSc. Chemistry (S-II)

Contact details

Office 0431-2700637
Mobile Number 88384 73863
E-mail id pricibeejo123@gmail.com