Rules & Regulation

  The Academic Council permits UG and MCA students to complete their course within six years (3+3) and other PG Students within four years (2+2)

  A candidate who failed twice in the External Semester Examination and had scored below 20/50 in the CIA can take up improvement in CIA only through test after the course completion

  A candidate can write the improvement test only during the regular Internal tests for odd / even semesters

  Any improvement in the Internal must be followed by the External Semester Examination

  A candidate can apply for revaluation in the prescribed proforma within the stipulated time to the controller’s office and the prescribed fees must be duly paid

  A regular candidate can apply for revaluation for any two courses in that semester, in case of securing fail marks or passed with low marks but on the condition of scoring 60 % and above marks in CIA in that course and passed in all other courses, appeared in that semester

  Students should have 75% of attendance in each semester for appearing for the examination. Those who do not have the required % of attendance can apply for condonation only for genuine medical reasons. Such students may apply for condonation only on payment of a prescribed fee and a valid medical certificate. The other students will take up their examination only after obtaining the percentage of attendance.

  Special Supplementary Examinations are conducted in July every year ONLY FOR THE OUTGOING UG and PG STUDENTS. This does not apply to Courses which do not have End Semester Examination

  A candidate who resorts to malpractice in the internal test will be marked malpractice (MP) in the paper but will be permitted to write the other papers. But a candidate who resorts to malpractice in the external semester examination will not be allowed to write any paper thereafter in that particular semester and the following semester. But can register, attend classes and complete the CIA

  Grievances in matters regarding CIA will be attended by the teacher in-charge of the course and the Head of the Department

  Grievances in matters regarding the end semester examination will be attended to by the respective Head of the Department and the Controller of Examinations through the Principal

  Any other serious disciplinary issues will be addressed by the Head of the Department and the Principal