History of the Library

  Holy Cross College library serves the needs of the Faculty, Research scholars, students and members of the library. It is the hub for study and research for the inmates of the college

  During 1923-1933, the Holy Cross College was only a junior college and the degree courses were started only in the 1930s.

  In 1923 the then high school library was well equipped with books of knowledge, Encyclopedias in volumes and biographies.

  Sr. Julie, a French Sister fluent in English was the librarian till 1935

  By the beginning of 1933 the ground floor of the College was ready and Side by side the library started functioning.

  Almost two-thirds of the books of the school library were donated to the college. The initial expenditure on the library in the early years was just above Rs.1,000 per year.

  In June 1942 Sister Aurelia took charge of the library. All the books were stacked in the central library.

  The classification scheme followed by that tune was the colon classification system

  Even during the II World war time 1944-45 despite the war time restrictions, the standard of the library was maintained.

  Sr. Aurelia attended a course for librarianship in 1950 and nominated as the first Indian Regional Superior of the Sisters of the Cross, Trichy

  Sr. Virgina succeeded Sister Aurelia as the librarian.

  In 1957-58, the total number of volumes in the library was 12,000, which increased to 12,500 in 1959-60.

  During Sr.Jositta’s period of service, the library was expanded in 1966 and it occupied the entire ground floor in the Arts block.

  Department libraries in the Economics, Literature, Zoology and Botany Department were started

  In 1967-68, the number of books were 16,000 volumes,

  In 1969-70 it was about 19,000 volumes.

  The open access system is being followed from 1975-76

  In 1977 before the historic flood, there were 33,000 books. Of these 22,000 were washed away by the floods. The total estimate of loss was Rs.7,25,000.

  The Government of Tamilnadu and public libraries came to the assistance of the college and about 20,000 books were replaced.

  Of late under the care of Sr. Jositta, the Library had been further expanded to include a section in the first floor with a stack of books.

  Sr.Saghayamary Arokiasamy and Sr. Mercy administered the functioning of the library during their period, the library staff increased to 13 in number, both. Day and Evening College. The staff were updated to graduation to be computer literate.

  There are seven computers on LAN, and the stack and its functions are computerized.

  The average usage per day has increased to 462. The collection of books too increased to 105830 in 2012-2013.

  The automation process was started in the year 2000 with Barcode Technology.

  E-Library was constructed through a website: www.crossianslibrary.weebly.com. where the subscribed as well as open access journals were hyperlinked for student’s usage.