In harmony with the prestigious institution’s Pascal ministry, to be an enabler for the weaker strata of the society, irrespective of the class caste and religion, there was this dawn of “The Social Work Department humbly installed with two specializations namely, Clinical Social Work and Family and Child Welfare to envisage the welfare of the woman and children and the society we dwell. Though Social work master‘s degree sprouting everywhere across the Tiruchirappalli City Crossian’s initiative were restoring many student’s family by bringing dream education true. Many first generation graduates were produced and still working self financially towards a better march.

      The decennial growth of us with steady leanings and steadfast growth keeps us identified on all the facets of the social dimensions contributing academically, advocating rights when needed, and sensitizing the same in the neighboring community. The social work Department is a woven blanket, always volunteers to comfort the Marginalized, grass root workers, the have-nots, and make the unworthy to be more deserved. The growing course of us, helping students with wholesome competency to face the challenges to be a competent social worker.

      Adding uniqueness we also collaborate many able and esteemed industries, hospitals and NGO’S by MOU’s were class room curriculum and book examples were eminently taught and kept updated. Research is one of the major skills of competent to notice here, that each student were enrolled to the faculty for every semester to undergo research adhering to the authentic research methodology and motivated to participate and publish papers in conference.

      To talk about the achievements our department helped itself to be prominent in addressing the immediate cry of its society and made remarkable benchmark in participating many public survey and joining hands in disaster relief services. We are also flagged to say that we are the only college to have all the four (Clinical Social work, Family Child Welfare, Community Development, and Human Resource Management), essential and accredited specializations what a social work suppose to have.