The introduction of Moral Instruction in Holy Cross College, Tiruchirappalli began in 1923, the year in which the college was started. Moral Instruction had a significant impact on the overall development of the students and the formation of their faith and character. The Jesuit Fathers of St. Joseph’s College, taught Catechism to the Catholic students while the Holy Cross Sisters in the college took the responsibility of imparting Moral Instruction to non-Catholic students. As the number of students increased and the Jesuit Fathers could not cope up with the increasing need for teaching Catechism, the Rev. Fathers from St. Paul’s Seminary and in the parishes nearby also handled Catechism classes. At this stage the college felt the need for having a separate class for Bible Studies for non-Catholic Christian students. Hence, Bible Studies course was introduced.

      From the year 1977 onwards Holy Cross Sisters of the college and Lay Catholic faculty members shared the work of teaching Catechism in the college.

      From the year 1980, only the teaching faculties of Holy Cross College were involved in teaching value education. The component of value education was introduced in Part IV of the UG curriculum in 1987, the year in which the college was granted Autonomous status.

      The Department of Value Education (DOVE) was founded in the year 2007. Currently the Value Education classes are conducted, based on past experience and practice, resulting in diverse activities for the students.


       - To give insights on values associated with Ethics and Religion.

       - In keeping with this vision DOVE stands for character formation through knowledge of self, knowledge of the meaning of life and relationship of man with God and other human beings


      To form value oriented individuals committed to the Creator and His creations.