The Department was established in 1935 to offer B.Sc. Degree in Botany affiliated to University of Madras. In 1964, it became one of the pioneer PG Departments. It started M. Phil. Course in 1982 & Ph. D. programme in 1991 under the affiliation of Bharathidasan University. The title of the PG Botany was changed to Botany with Specialization in Plant Biotechnology in 2002. The Department is a proud recipent of funds from DST – FIST and DBT – Star college scheme from 2008 and 2010 respectively.

      The Department stands for its academic excellence, development of research skills and extension potential. Department encourages reativeskills of students and helps them in transforming into reality. Procurring university ranks is one of the regular phenomena of our Department.

      It also conducts regular outreach programmes on medicinal plants, preparation of herbal value added products and herbal medicines apart from skill development programmes like mushroom cultivation, Azolla cultivation, Microgreens and Spirulina cultivation.

      The Department is equipped with audio visual facilities, research laboratories, special labs for plant tissue culture and microbiology. The faculty has diverse background in subjects like Plant Taxonomy, Plant Diversity, Molecular Biology, Plant Biotechnology, Phytochemistry, Microbiology and Nanotechnology. The Department is holding four recognized Ph. D. guides in the field of Plant Sciences and received several awards and Research grants from funding agencies like UGC and DST.



      The B.Sc Botany programme creates an awareness on plant diversity and its conservation through tissue culture and obtain quality education in the basic and advanced areas of Botany. It also provides awareness on health care among students through the preparation of herbal medicines for common ailments. By acquiring practical skills, students gather information, assess, create and execute new ideas to develop entrepreneurial skills in the mushroom cultivation.


      The M.Sc Botany programme develops entrepreneurship skills in various fields like microbial techniques,cultivation of medicinal plants, identification of plants, cultivation of biofertilizers, mushrooms, handling of instruments and research skills through the projects. It also provides awareness of environmental issues, environmental laws and applications of remote sensing in environmental studies. By acquiring knowledge students could be competent enough to face the competitive exams at national /state level (UGC-NET, CSIR/ SET etc.) and academic excellence with an aptitude for higher studies and research. In addition, programme develops scientific tools to formulate phyto drugs to fulfill the needs of the society and to respect and conserve nature and the environment.


      The M.Phil Botany programme facilitates the students todesign and carryout the biological experiments and to interpret data to give meaningful solution and recommendations. It also helps to write and formulate research projects and translate the research data into research projects and further to publish it. In addition, the students carryout the fieldwork, research projects individually, prepare herbal medicines for common ailments and traditional nutritive food through this programme. By applying the acquired scientific knowledge, students could give solutions to lead a healthy life, protect the environment, fulfill the energy need, safety, nutritious food, good environment, clean water, air and phytomedicines.


      “To be a Centre of Excellence for Plant Science”


       - To promote Academic excellence, develop Research skills and to enhance the potentials of students.

       - To encourage and enhance the Creative Skills of students and help them in transforming the Scientific knowledge into reality.