The Business Administration programme was started in the year 2006 to educate the future business leaders and to be a catalyst in empowering the girl students by providing the needed repository of knowledge.The Department of Business Administration is focused in creating socially responsible business leaders.The School of Management studies was started in the year 2018,to include the departments of Commerce and Economics which has given the impetus to give a wholesome education


      The Department of Business administration is well recognized for teaching and training the students to become socially responsible entrepreneurs.Department has 7 enthusiastic and dedicated faculty members.Among them,4 have completed PhD,4 members with NET&SET.Faculties of this department have a rich experience from various business sectors.This Department organizes National conferences,Seminars and Workshops h6nked to the areas of our Curriculum.Our graduates find good employment in the industry and create employment opportunities by starting their own venture.


      The Bachelor of Business Administration degree remains the top choice of students aiming to be entrepreneurs or planning to take the family business forward.The programme incorporate a comprehensive understanding of all the gamuts of business.It involves both theoretical and practical aspects of a business.At the end of the BBA programme the students empowered with the complete knowledge of how businesses work,to take up bigger roles in h6fe and to empower the girl students to go for higher studies h6ke MBA,MBS,MHRM,MFM,ACS.

      Curriculum includes an in-depth study of Business Management,Business Environment,Management Accounting,Finance,Marketing,Production Management,Business Law,Industrial Law,Organizational Behaviour,Retail Management,Event Management,Strategic Management,International Business,Operations Research,Managerial Economics,Entrepreneurial Development etc.,


      The department is supph6ed with over – head projector in all class rooms


      Text Books are available for the economically needy students.


Business Administration Association:

      Business Administration Association is very active throughout the year,conducting Workshops,Seminars,and Competitions and arranging for Special Lectures.Resource persons are invited from various business fields.The department encourages the students to take part in Quiz,Debate,Workshops,Management Meet and Business Ideas Contests conducted by various Institutions.

      “Delantero”,Inter-collegiate competition is an annual event,organised and conducted by the students.It helps to develop leadership skills in students

Industry Visit:

      The department arranges Industrial visit for the students,which gives an exposure to learn about the functioning of the organizations


      The students are expected to go for internship every semester for 30 hours which benefits her to get 2 extra credits

Parent – Teacher Meet:

      Since parents and teachers together are responsible for the growth of the students,parent – teacher meets are held annually to have better understanding about the wards’ strengths and weaknesses.Suggestions for improvement from the parents are considered for implementation in future.

Prayer Cell:

      We pray for the department’s growth to greater height in the years to come and for God’s blessings in all its future endeavors


      To contribute towards the development of business and society through excellence in grooming Leadership, Entrepreneurial Talent and Research.


      To develop premier, socially sensitive business leaders and entrepreneurs with futuristic orientation and commitment towards innovation and excellence by creating, communicating and delivering valuable knowledge.